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Exemplaire de BAC
MacDonald, Laura,1974-
"Minister of the Gospel and doctor of medicine" : the Canadian Presbyterian Medical Mission to Korea, 1898-1923.
M.A. -- Queen's University at Kingston, 2000
Ottawa : National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada, 2001.
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Includes bibliographical references.
This case study of the medical and missionary careers of Robert Grierson (1868-1965), Kate McMillan (1867-1922) and Florence Murray (1894-1975) with the Canadian Presbyterian mission to Northern Korea from 1898 to 1923 examines the practical context and implications of changing mission ideology in the early twentieth century for medically trained missionaries. Unlike many of their missionary colleagues, Grierson, McMillan and Murray arrived in Korea with both medical and ministerial training. As physician missionaries, they were expected to practice medicine and also to evangelize for Christ. Historians such as William Hutchison and Robert Wright have argued that in the early twentieth century Protestant mission theology began to replace an earlier strictly evangelistic model (which had subordinated all missionary tasks to the salvation of souls) with more socially oriented social gospel approach to mission which provided for temporal as well as spiritual needs. Beginning with the careers of Grierson and McMillan, and then later, Murray, this thesis explores how medical missionaries experienced each of these two models and how these experiences were shaped by gender. By comparing the experience of Grierson and McMillan, it looks at the tensions experienced by medical missionaries under the transition from the evangelistic to the social gospel mission model. Finally, by briefly considering the early missionary career of Murray, McMillan's successor, this study raises questions about a commonly held view by historians that medical missionaries shaped by the new social gospel model had abandoned the concern to evangelize. By examining the actual experience of the medical missionaries, this thesis seeks to add nuance to the study of changing mission ideology.